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    I received my cake but why it looks different from the pictures on the website?

    Sometimes the cake you received may differ from what was shown on our website. The pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. All pictures are fine-tuned and edited to beautify for presentation purposes.

    I forgot my password details to login. What shall I do?

    Head over “Login”, hover the cursor over "Forgot your password?" then click away. You will then be brought to the following page where you are able to key in your email for a password reset to be sent to you. Go ahead to input the email that was used to register your account on RT Pastry.

    Can I order customized cake online?

    We regret that we do not accept orders of customized cake online at the moment. However, for better services, we would appreciate it that you drop by our nearest outlet for more information on cake customization.

    Can I write greetings on the cake?

    Yes, we do write greetings on the cake upon request. You may leave your messages to us in the “Greetings” column. A maximum of 30 alphabets for greetings in English while a maximum 10 characters for greetings in Chinese.

    Does RT Pastry charge a delivery fee?

    Yes, we do charge a delivery fee based on the distance between the outlet you have ordered from and your delivery address.

    What are the areas do you able to deliver?

    We are currently deliver to most of the areas in Klang Valley.

    When should I expect my order to arrive?

    All deliveries will be meticulously planned based on the time slot. You must pre-selected when you placed your order. The time slots are as per below:

    a. 10am - 12pm
    b. 12pm - 2pm
    c. 2pm - 4pm
    d. 4pm - 6pm
    e. 6pm – 8pm

    Kindly note that as we strive to deliver your order to you, there will be factors that could affect delivery timing such as traffic, weather, scheduled road closures, etc. Having said that, we are determined to deliver your cake within the stipulated time slot selected by you.

    Please be sure that upon placing your order, you are contactable via PHONE CALL or WHATSAPP on delivery time.

    How do I earn RT member points for each purchase?

    Once you register, you will be able to earn and accrue RT member points, which are then redeemable at the time of purchase towards the cost of your order. Every RM1 spend = 1 RT member point.

    Can I use my RT member points for payment?

    Yes, definitely! Your RT member points will be automatically converted to credit available on the payment page. You can choose to use up all credit available to pay for your order, use a certain amount of credit or save your credit for the next purchase.

    How do I store the cake/bread?

    All cakes must be kept refrigerated at 2°c – 6°c at all time before serving. Bread must be kept at a dry room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

    How many days in advance for placing my order?

    Kindly place your order 2 days in advance. Same day delivery is our target in the future, so stay tuned!

    Can I self pick-up instead of delivery?

    Yes. You can select self pick-up from our branches that of your preference for your shipping option at the payment page.

    How long can I keep my cake/bread?

    There are no preservatives added to all our products. Our cakes/breads are best consumed within 2 days. Please be noted that it is still consumable even after the best before date, whereby the taste and texture will be slightly different. Therefore, we do not encourage customer to store the product for too long because we wish to bring the best of our products to our customers.

    How much is the delivery fee?

    The delivery fee is being calculated based on the nearest outlet's location to the delivery location.
    Kindly check the rate card below to find out the estimated delivery fees.

    Should delivery be attempted to the specified shipping address and no one happens to be present at the time of delivery nor respond to the calls or messages, an additional fee of RM30 will be charged for re-delivery.

    Delivery Rate Card:

    Are your products Halal?

    All RT Pastry products are muslim-friendly without alcohol and lard contain although the products are yet to get Halal certified. All process and ingredients are properly screened through to ensure our customer can enjoy our food with peace of mind. All other ingredients used are purchased from halal certified baking supply stores.